Sustainable shopping

Sustainable shopping

Looking to find unique items? Perhaps handmade or second-hand? Or maybe you wanna browse cute farm shops and stop for coffee at small cafés where you also can shop? We have gathered the sustainable shopping places in Heart of Lapland below, filtered by town.


Arctic shop
Galleri Kalix, Strandgatan 10, Kalix
Handicraft and local produce

Kalix ost
Bondersbyn 199, Kalix
Goat cheese, farm dairy, café and shop 

Kalix Sylt
Valhallavägen 85, Kalix
Jam factory and shop, jam and juices with no additives

JUC Kalix
Furuhedsvägen 21, Kalix
Second-hand and repurpose store 

Resurface Kalix
Rönnön 25, Karlsborgsverken
Second-hand and upcycling store with unique pieces

Gårdsbutiken Bagarstugan
Byträskvägen 49, Karlsborgsverken
Store with home goods, forest café, flowers and garden items

Nygårdens Gårdsbutik
Siknäs 258, Töre
Farm with lamb, sheep and horses, farm shop with home goods and local delicacies

Röda Korset Kalix
Köpmannagatan 23, Kalix
The Red Cross’ second-hand store


Boheden 34, Överkalix
Farm shop surrounded by lambs

Kaatis Reindeers
Gyljeheden 5, Överkalix
Shop with handmade clothes, art and local souvenirs

Cederings Lamm
Lilla Edet 4, Överkalix
Sheep farm with local handicraft, meat and hides

Nygårdsvägen 5, Överkalix
Farm shop with local delicacies

Brännaberget 1, Överkalix
Pop-up flea market during the summer – check out their social media for dates

Polcirkelbär – Henrikssons trädgård
Östra Rödupp 227, Överkalix
Strawberries and other berries to pick yourself or buy in boxes to bring on your picknick

Röda Korset Kupan, Överkalix
Nygatan 1, Överkalix
The Red Cross’ second-hand store with a café


Tornedalens renprodukter
Soukolojärvi 63, Övertorneå
Artisanal reindeer meat and other local game meat delicacies

Forest Jewel
Finlandsvägen 1, Övertorneå
Gift shop and a place to create or buy a traditional “kåsa” – a wooden cup

Erica Huuva Design
Skolbacken 21, Hedenäset
Handmade Sámi jewellery, visit the workshop or buy online

Hietalas Handelsträdgård
Korva 74, Övertorneå
Garden center with their own vegetables and home goods for your garden, and a small café

Tornedalens Fyndbod
Matarengivägen 24F, Övertorneå
Second-hand store with clothes, home goods and interior design

Matarengivägen 38, Övertorneå
Family-owned shop with local design and handicraft


Sattajärvi 320, Sattajärvi
Handmade, sustainable leather shoes, bags and other products, inspired by Sámi culture.

Lapland Guesthouse
Norra Byavägen 132, Kangos
Antiques, second-hand and gift shop where you also can spend the night and have a bite to eat

Kerrä Vilt
Pop-up store in Pajala that sells local game meat, check their social media for dates

Rönnbäcks fisk
Pop-up fish store situated in Pajala, but can be found all around Swedish Lapland, check their website for dates

Röda Korset Kupan, Pajala
Kengisgatan 4, Pajala
The Red Cross’ second-hand store

Soukolovägen 5D, Pajala
Second-hand store with café


Pesula lantbruk and Elmers gårdsbutik
Övre Kukkola 237, Haparanda
The ‘Rybsolja’ is the farm’s specialty, cultivated and produced ecologically on some of the fertile soils which are significant for the area

Kukkolaforsen 184, Haparanda
Handicrafts, souvenirs and locally produced food

Tornedal & Co.
Torggatan 46, Haparanda
Design, handicrafts, art and café

PMU Second Hand
Västra Esplanaden 45, Haparanda
Second-hand store with clothes and home decor

HM Hermanson
Storgatan 74, Haparanda
Historical trading house that sells leather goods, souvenirs, clothes and 1950s products, open when there are Swedish flags at the door

Butiken på Landet, Hulkoffgården
Korpikylä 197, Karungi
Clothing store at a local farm where you can eat farm to table meals and spend the night

Drömmens trädgård och handel
Tornedalsvägen 483, Karungi
Home and garden store that sells organic vegetables

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