Arctic moose hunt

Arctic moose hunt

Experience big game hunting on an Arctic moose hunt activity, led by experienced hunting guides and well-trained hunting dogs.

Join us on an Arctic moose hunt with a small hunting group in the vast woodlands. You have 5200 hectares of forest grounds at your disposal, right in the middle of Torne Valley. Experience moose hunting with hunting dogs and a dog handlers, combined with hunting from a shooting tower.

We offer complete hunting packages with a cabin stay, food, transportation within the hunting area, experienced hunting guides and well-trained dogs. We cooperate with local landowners within the hunting area.

The moose hunting season occurs through September-October-November.

Our offer:

  • Accommodation in cabins with full board alternatively self-catering
  • Help with obtaining a state hunting permit, if needed
  • Transport service to/from the closest airport

Welcome to book your moose hunting trip with Rantajärvi Wilderness!

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