Sweden’s northernmost archipelago

Sweden’s northernmost archipelago

Did you know that Kalix and Haparanda archipelago together have just over 440 kilometres of coastline? That’s approximately the same distance as the route between Stockholm and Gothenburg by car.

“This is a place where freshwater meet brackish water, creating a unique terroir which gives Kalix bleak roe its very own characteristic.”

Most of Haparanda archipelago is a national park with a rich bird life and magnificent scenery. One tip is to take the tour boat over to Haparanda Sandskär or if you prefer to go by car – cross the bridge to the island of Seskarö. These are only two of the archipelago’s many gems.

Kalix river meets the sea in the centre of Kalix – it’s such a lovely feeling to stop for a moment and imagine this place during the timber industrial era, when logs from the entire river stretch gathered right here, at the mouth of the sea.

Many visitors choose to go fishing by boat as it gives you a different sense of freedom; as there are so many islands, you can even find your very own island for fishing. If you don’t have access to a boat, it’s perfectly fine to fish along the coast. This is especially rewarding in the beginning of the summer if you are pike fishing. Every year plenty of pikes measuring over 100 centimeters are caught here. Another exciting fishing opportunity in the archipelago is dry fly fishing for grayling. There is a good chance to catch both whitefish and trout in the fall. It’s easy to find your own favorite spot in one of the many islands and cays.

Not only does the surroundings of the archipelago feel almost magical, it’s something special about the fresh air and the waters. It creates a great feeling of wellbeing. This region is also one of the areas in Sweden most prone to sunshine, which makes the experience even more enticing.

Travelling here without a boat?

Not to worry, you don’t need your own boat to explore the archipelago!