Canoeing on the Arctic Circle

Canoeing on the Arctic Circle

Rent a canoe and enjoy a warm summer day at the lake Rantajärvi. Experience the magical feeling of slowly drifting on the lake and listen to the rippling water around you – and just be in harmony with nature.

Rantajärvi Wilderness offers a 1-day recreation canoe activity on the large lake. There are 2 canoes for rent. Each canoe is equipped with two paddles, four life jackets and a waterproof bag for extra clothes and other personal equipment. The canoes are located at the bathing area in the immediate vicinity of the barbecue hut. Information about the canoes' function and safety are provided upon arrival.

Combine the day with barbecue food in the cozy timbered barbecue cottage by on the shore. Bring your own barbecue food and beverages to the barbecue hut. The hut has dry wood for a fire, drinking water and first-aid supplies.

The canoe season is June 15th to August 30th. Canoeing is suitable for children aged 6 years or older, accompanied by adults.

The lake Rantajärvi has a 7.9 km shoreline with a partly sandy bottom and fishing is allowed without a fishing license. The lake has natural habitat of perch and pike. The water in the lake is very clean and has a sustainable water environment.

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