Naarajärvi wilderness camp

Naarajärvi wilderness camp

Relax and enjoy nature at Naarajärvi wilderness camp – perfect for a secluded soft adventure right on the Arctic Circle.
Naarajärvi wilderness camp is perfect for you who want to experience simple living and soft adventures, surrounded by nature. The camp is located six kilometers into the woodlands from the village Rantajärvi and is off the grid, meaning no electricity or running water.

About Naarajärvi wilderness camp
Stay overnight in one of the two log-timbered cabins. Each cabin has 4 beds and a fireplace. The camp is lit up by kerosene lamps during autumn and winter, and this is also the perfect time of year to spot the northern lights. During summer, you can experience the midnight sun – the 24-hour daylight.

There is a barbecue hut in the middle of the camp with an open fire and a cast iron griddle for cooking. There is also a larger dining cabin with 16 seats that sits on stilts over the lake where you have two portable gas stoves and all you need to prepare meals.

Relax after dinner in the log-timbered sauna, equipped with a fireplace and a water boiler. The wooden jetty is perfect for dipping your toes in the lake or for a refreshing swimming after a hot sauna. There is also one outhouse in the camp.

Naarajärvi wilderness camp is accessible by car and is also made to accommodate wheelchair users. The camp is suitable for children aged 6 years or older, accompanied by adults.

You can use Naarajärvi wilderness camp as the starting point for activities in the area. Rent the rowboat, which comes with an anchor and four life vests, for exploring the lake. The lake is excellent for recreational fishing. Nearby there are hiking trails and in August and September, the forests are full of berries and mushrooms. The forest area is also a great hunting area. Here you can hunt for moose, grouse, or small game in vast forest areas. A hunting activity is a way to learn more about nature signs, tracking and the Arctic lifestyle.

Please contact Rantajärvi Wilderness for more information and booking.

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