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Salmon fishing in Ängesån and Kalix River

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Salmon fishing in Ängesån and Kalix River

Jockfall is a true paradise for salmon fishers, and its location by the free flowing Kalix River and the waterfall Jockfallet with a height of nine metres is unbeatable. The pools beneath the waterfall consist of big bays, making them the perfect resting place for salmon. If the salmon stays in this area, catching them is not that difficult. However, convincing the fish to stay there is not the easiest of tasks, which is why you will occasionally see people running across rocks to be able to catch the salmon before it makes its way back to the sea again. Stay in one of the cottages with access to a sauna, showers/toilets, restaurant and a fishing shop. It is possible to rent fishing equipment to use during your stay in Jockfall.

If you want to try out some other fishing spots besides Jockfall, in just 30 min you can be at one of the best spots on Ängesån. Ängesån is connected to the River Kalix and is known for large grayling and its good stock of salmon. Ängesån is perfect for flyfishing. What you need to remember, though, is that Ängesån is sensitive to changes in the weather.

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