Jump across the Arctic Circle, marvel at the majestic Torne River that runs on the border between Sweden and Finland, and pluck sun ripe berries in the lush forest. Övertorneå is filled with nature experiences and a rich wildlife. Atop Luppioberget you have a vast view of Torne River, Finland and the woodlands, and make sure to visit Lapland View Lodge while you’re on the mountain.

Övertorneå is caressed by the majestic Torne River that runs on the border between Sweden and Finland. Built on and around hills, surrounded by nature, the village offers nature experiences and a rich wildlife. Hike in the lush forest and pluck sun ripe berries in the summer, or cross-country ski across frozen lakes in the winter. The family-friendly outdoor bathe Ekobadet offers relaxing days in the sun and there is an opportunity to stay at the neighbouring camping Norrsken Lodge. Visit Aunesgården, a local homestead museum that creates a setting of 1800s Torne Valley. Perfect for a rainy day.

Another interesting cultural visit is Övertorneå Church. The church’s music organ is Sweden’s most odd cultural artefacts. It was built in 1609 for the German Church in Stockholm and was in use for over 150 years. Despite being in great condition and well taken care of, they decided to get a new music organ. A peculiar chain of events led the organ to Övertorneå instead of being destroyed. In 1779 the music organ was sold to Övertorneå Church for 250 SEK and an adventurous trip from Stockholm began. Today, 400 years later, the organ is still in use and charms its listeners every day.

If you’re looking to expand and check off items in your bucketlist, a jump across the Arctic Circle must be included. This is where you should do it — what a feeling! Take the bus or rent a car and drive 20 minutes north of Övertorneå to the little village Juoksengi where you find the spot for the abstract latitude marked with a huge sign and international flags waving by the side of the road. Make your best jump and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Snap a selfie at the world’s greatest view over Torne Valley.

Surrounded by pinetrees and bare rocks, floating over the treeline, the contemporary restaurant and cabins are almost invisible. Up here we promise you a fantastic view over Sweden, Finland and Torne River — the world’s greatest view over Torne Valley! Take the opportunity to explore the surroundings, hike up to the mountaintop and enjoy the panorama.

Don’t you just love the view from the top? Head north to Svanstein Ski on the mountain Pullinki, which is 335 metres high and marks one of the locations for the Struve Geodetic Arc, a world heritage. It has a modern snowboard park, plenty of cross-country ski-tracks and rest stops with BBQ possibilites around the mountain. The 16 slopes with a 252 metre altitude difference and varied degrees of difficulty on the mountain Pullinki is designed by Stig Strand, the Swedish former alpine skier, and is operated by professional snowboarders.

Matarengi is an old name for the village of Övertorneå, probably derived from a name of a herb that grows in the area. Matarengi is still used in some local company names, and for the annual summer market; Matarengi Market. It is arranged by the municipality and local initiators, which creates a family friendly weekend in the town centre.

A couple of weeks later, the annual Övertorneå Cruising is held. A few passionate souls from the local vintage car club started the cruising in 2008 and the event has grown steadily since then. Check out the car show during the day, with around 100-150 vintage cars on display, and vote for your favourite. During the day the event is family friendly with activities for kids and after the cruise around town in the evening, the event invites people to listen to live music, get tattooed and a relax in the pub.

Welcome to Övertorneå – the land of the Arctic Circle.

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