Rantajärvi Wilderness

Rantajärvi Wilderness

Rantajärvi Wilderness offers a comfortable stay in cozy cabins with nature and a big lake around the corner. The place is perfect for relaxation and enjoying your own time.


Enjoy cabin life in one of the five cabins that suits everyone from the solo traveler to families and groups. The cabins all have a bright interior and are surrounded by soft lawns. In the summertime, you can take a refreshing swim in the lake.

Each cabin is equipped with toilet and a shower. Towels are provided. You also have a private kitchen with all amenities for cooking and storing food. The beds are ready-made upon arrival.

Älgen – 2-bed cabin

Älgen has 16 sqm of living space with two single beds, 80×200 cm. The kitchen has two refrigerators with freezer compartment and a dining table with two seats and utensils for four people.

Baloo – 4-bed cabin

There are two Baloo cabins. Both cabins have 32 sqm of living space with two single beds, 80×200 cm, in the bedroom on ground level and a queen bed, 160×200 cm, in the lofted bedroom. The kitchens each have two refrigerators with access to one freezer compartment.

Vuoti 80 – 4-bed cabin

Vuoti 80 has 56 sqm of living space with a queen bed, 160×200 cm, and one twin bed, 120×200 cm. There is a sofa bed in the living room, 70×170 cm. The kitchen has a refrigerator with freezer compartment and a dining table with four seats and utensils for six people.

Rolf – 16-bed cabin

Rolf has 145 sqm of living space split into 16 beds in eight bedrooms with two single beds, 80×200 cm, in each room. The family room comes with a sofa, armchairs and a dining table with six seats and utensils for 16 people. There are two well-equipped kitchens, four refrigerators and two freezer compartments. The cabin has two shower rooms with four showers and two toilets. The shower rooms and toilets have door locks. All bedrooms can be locked and have their own door key, as well as a key to the front door.

Access to the electrically heated sauna is included in the stay. All guests also have access to the Norberg-room with a pool table, TV and comfortable sofas. You can borrow bicycles, cross-country skis and kickstands for free.

Breakfast can be pre-booked to the cabin or for the dining room. You also have the option to book other meals in advance. Free Wi-Fi is included.

Rantajärvi Wilderness have a round-the-clock service telephone for guests, phone +46(0)927 23000 for your security.

Bring your own accommodation

If you are traveling with a caravan, trailer or motorhome, Rantajärvi Wilderness offers five caravan sites in the yard with electricity and access to a service building with an electric sauna, toilets and shower.


Rantajärvi Wilderness also offers DIY-activities and guided tours year-round. Rent canoes, rowing boats, snowshoes, fishing equipment such as spinner, fishing rod, angling bait, ice fishing rod, reindeer hide for ice fishing and fish cage. You can follow along on guided hikes and hunting tours. During the winter, Rantajärvi Wilderness work together with local companies for activities with reindeer and sled dogs for groups between 2-7 people.

Please contact Rantajärvi Wilderness for more information and booking.

Perfect for: groups, solo travelers, nature and wildlife enthusiasts, hunting and conferences. Family friendly.

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