Arthotel Tornedalen

Arthotel Tornedalen

Arthotel Tornedalen is a boutique hotel beautifully located at the banks of Torne River with an amazing view across to Finland. There are four accommodation options to choose from and all the houses are adorned with arts and handicraft. Each villa is named after the previous families: Tolonen, Anundi, Wennberg and Kristina.

Arthotel Tornedalen is the place for art lovers and for those who are seeking solitude, beauty and privacy.

Besides art they love nature and would love to share their knowledge about the arctic animals and plants, the forest and the river. Activities follow the seasons and take place in the nearby Torne River and the magic forest, always conducted by a private professional guide.

Each villa includes a private wood-heated sauna and grill facilities. From the door there is a walking/skiing trail leading straight into to the forest and to an architect-designed lookout tower, two kilometres from the houses.

Arthotel Tornedalen takes care of all your needs and offers full board. Three of the houses also have kitchens, a great option for self-catering holidays year round.