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Haparanda Stadshotell

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Haparanda Stadshotell

Haparanda, with the city hotel Stadshotellet in its centre, has at times been the European town with the fastest pulse. This was especially true at the time when Haparanda was the only point of contact between the West and the large empires in the East – Russia, Persia and China.

This was a place where revolutionaries, anarchists, spies, agents, sawmill barons, military and madams, counts and barons made their mark on history.

Everything from the scents, the mystique and excitement of this era is forever engrained in Haparanda Stadshotell’s exterior and especially its interior. It is one of the most famous turn-of-the-century hotels, restored to its former glory with the authentic character.

Welcome to a historic experience at Haparanda Stadshotell.

Contact information

Haparanda Stadshotell
Torget 7
953 31 Haparanda

+46 (0)922 614 90

How to get here

Haparanda Stadshotell Torget 7, Haparanda   www.haparandastadshotell.se +46 (0)922 614 90 info@haparandastadshotell.se