of the Arctic

A culinary expedition through Heart of Lapland

Flavours of the Arctic

A culinary expedition through Heart of Lapland

Diverse Delicacies on the Plate

Nestled in the far north, within the vast landscapes of Arctic Europe, lies Heart of Lapland – a destination where river valleys, rolling hills, and local communities come together to offer an authentic Arctic experience. Beyond the breathtaking scenery, Heart of Lapland unveils its cultural richness through a delectable local food scene, inviting you to embark on a culinary expedition that immerse you in the region's unique traditions.

Terroir's Touch

The terroir is influenced by the region's unique natural phenomena – the midnight sun and bright summer nights. These environmental factors extend the growing season, allowing for the cultivation of crops at this northern latitude. The fertile soil, replenished by rivers flooding the fields during spring, ensures that wild berries and vegetables are packed with healthy vitamins. Every bite tells a story of the destination and its people, offering a true taste of Heart of Lapland's terroir.

Sámi Culinary Heritage

Venture deeper into Heart of Lapland and you'll discover unique Sámi food experiences. At Huuva Hideaway, travelers are invited to indulge in a Sámi food and drink experience amidst the serene forest. Enjoy the distinctive flavours of Sámi cuisine and learn more about the culinary tradition that reflects the deep connection between the Sámi people and the land.

Torne Valley: A Riverside Gastronomic Adventure

Immerse yourself in the living history of whitefish fishing as you partake in a unique hands-on experience at Kukkolaforsen. Fish for whitefish using a traditional net with a long shaft, a method perfected over 500 years. Try your hand at this age-old technique under the guidance of a skilled instructor or skip the fishing and join the whitefish grilling activity in the smoke hut.

Visit Pesula’s farm; Elmers Gårdsbutik, where they grow large fields of rapeseed and mustard. The farm produces organic, high-quality oil with a nutty flavor from the rapeseed and mustard with different flavors. You can buy oil and mustard from their farm shop, as well as other locally produced products.

Behind thick granite walls in three deep cellar vaults at Haparanda Stadshotell, you’ll find the game cellar – an intimate and different setting with an atmosphere of exclusivity and privacy. Good food covers a wide spectrum when a skilled chef works with produce from our countryside. Here you can sample everything from the deep mystique of a reindeer steak to the harmonious delight of breast of hazel grouse.

The culinary journey through Torne Valley is not just about the food but the stories that echo through generations. Listen to the locals talk about life by Torne river, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your riverside gastronomic experience.

Kalix Caviar: A Culinary Jewel of the North

Kalix Caviar is a unique and exclusive food that can only be extracted from vendace fish caught in the brackish waters of the Gulf of Bothnia. The archipelago in Heart of Lapland has a special environment with clean water and low salinity, which the vendace needs to be able to reproduce. The area makes up the world’s largest brackish water archipelago, where mineral-rich water from the large national rivers flows into the sea. Kalix Caviar has received the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), the EU’s strongest food trademark, together with a few other exclusive products like Champagne, Stilton and Gorgonzola.

To truly immerse yourself in the Kalix Caviar experience, take part in the meticulous craftsmanship that transforms the roe of the vendace fish into a culinary jewel together with Cold Adventures. Meet Roland, a fourth-generation fisherman at Storöns Fisk to learn more about the small-scale fishing culture in Heart of Lapland and indulge in this luxurious treat alongside other local delights at Nordic Lapland Resort.

Beyond the Plate

Lingonberry juice, with its vibrant color and tart sweetness, is a quintessential part of Heart of Lapland's beverage scene. Each sip is a reminder of the Arctic woodlands and the burst of flavours that nature provides.

Taste the mountains, the forest, and the fusion of extremes at Norrbottens Destilleri, an award-winning small-batch gin distillery, devoted to the alchemy of experimentation and the art of distillation. Book a gin tasting to experience nature made drinkable.

Sima originates from Finland and is a crisp drink to enjoy on a warm summer day. The beverage was once called mead. It is still a staple in many homes in Torne Valley around holidays and festivities. The beverage has a very unique flavor and is well worth a try during your summer visit.

Mini docus on arctic flavours

Johanna and Martin tell about the Torne river whitefish, its history and why its important to them and their company.

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Savouring Traditions

Embark on a culinary expedition through Heart of Lapland’s pristine rivers and vast woodlands, where you savor the essence of Arctic Sweden. As you indulge in Sámi delicacies, Torne Valley's and Kalix River Valley’s diverse offerings, let the flavours tell the story of a land where every meal is an ode to tradition, innovation, and the spirit of Swedish Lapland.

Taste the forest and drink the sea – explore food experiences in Heart of Lapland