Pajala is a paradise for fishermen. Here you can catch trout, grayling and salmon in many of the lakes and watercourses. Visit Tärendö River, the second largest bifurcation in the world, or enjoy the freedom to roam in the beautiful nature. Pajala is also a cultural center in the Torne Valley region, with a rich theatre and musical life.

Whether you are a hardcore fly fisher, happy camper or not so outdoorsy, Pajala got something for you. Catch trout, grayling and salmon in many of the lakes and watercourses around the area, enjoy the freedom to roam in the beautiful nature and a simple pot of coffee, boiled over an open fire.

Experience first class salmon fishing in the vast wilderness at Camp Onka, an eco camp that was developed in 2013, deep in the forest overlooking the famous Onka home pool. The majestic Lainio River is home to the mighty wild Baltic salmon and exklusive double bank fishing. Stay at Camp Onka through an entire weekend to increase your fishing-luck and wake up to the sound of jumping salmon, chirping birds and the river’s blues.

If you are here in the winter, Lapland Guesthouse is highly recommended. At this family-owned lodge you arrive as a guest and leave as a friend. Stay like a modern day Viking in a Viking Cottage decorated in a distinguished style with furs, horns and rustic wood — and a contemporary bathroom for comfort. Embrace the wilderness on a snowmobile, dog sled or cross-country skis. Enjoy a wood-fired sauna and the outdoor Jacuzzi, and dive into local delicacies like moose, reindeer, berries and mushrooms. Unwind by the cottage’s fireplace and share stories about today’s adventures with a hot beverage in your hand for extra warmth.

For the more cultural explorer, Pajala offers a rich theatre and musical life. Tornedalsteatern (eng. the Torne Valley theatre) is a community theatre and hub for lots of theatre shows, actors and directors around the Torne Valley. Amateur actors, hobby directors and professional productions are all gathered under the same roof. The community theatre’s purpose is to strengthen the identity for the people in Torne Valley and the minority language Meänkieli is used in most productions. This has made Pajala the cultural centre in the region. Keep your eyes peeled for posters and announcements about theatre and live music shows!

Since the midnight sun never sets, we fish 24-hours a day during the height of summer.

Vasikkavuoma is a nature reserve, 10 minutes from Pajala and are a part of the Natura 2000 network, established by the European Union. It is the largest mowable bog in Scandinavia and hosts uniqe plants and protected species that thrive amongst the 79 ancient barns. The area is huge, 250 hectare, and are used for outdoor theatre productions by Tornedalsteatern, ski competitions around Easter, Midsummer and Christmas celebrations. You can also just swing by. Walk around in this beautiful setting, take pictures and enjoy the serenity.

And while you’re exploring, continue north to see the world’s biggest Lovikka Mitten. The Lovikka Mitten is a famous Swedish mitten originating from the village Lovikka in Heart of Lapland. It is a knitted wool mitten, designed and manufactured in accordance with the pattern established by its creator Erika Aittamaa in 1892, especially designed for the cold climate of Northern Sweden. The biggest mitten was accepted into the Guinness World Records in 2002 and is 3,5 metres high. It sits inside a huge glass container by the main road in the village of Lovikka where you still can buy mittens from a few ladies that knit them by hand.

Plan your visit to experience Pajala Marknad, the biggest market in Heart of Lapland, which spans four days in the beginning of July every year. The little town welcomes 40,000 visitors that can visit the tivoli and shop for handicrafts, food, toys, clothes and much more during the weekend. A day of shopping and people-watching flows into a bubbly nightlife with live music under the golden midnight sun.

The northern lights is something on everyone’s’ bucketlist and also something you never get tired of. Therefore we can’t promise you a good night’s sleep in the Aurora teepee, which you’ll find at Explore the North in Kangos, where you stay in a private glass hut by the edge of the forest. We can however promise you an amazing night, watching the twinkling stars and the magnificent northern lights from the comfort of your bed.

Pajala sure is a paradise!

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