Överkalix is a place of rich soils with rivers and creeks breaking up the landscape into islands, islets and headlands. Get a breathtaking view over it all from Storlappberget where you also can ski downhill in the winter. Take part in the rockabilly culture and admire beautiful vintage cars at the annual cruising festival around Midsummer — and listen closely for the rich Överkalix dialect, which sounds like its own language. Before you leave, kiss a moose!

Överkalix has a wonderful nature and charming locals. Visit Storlappberget for a breathtaking view over Överkalix. See Kalix River and Ängesån become one and flow through a beautiful landscape of islands, islets and headlands. The rich soils and watercourses attracts farmers and fishermen, creating a quaint landscape in the summer, with grazing cows and boats slowly cruising the rivers under a golden midnight sun.

At the height of summer, Midsummer is celebrated all over Sweden. Start your day with a traditional celebration at the Old Homestead Martingården, built in the 1700s, with flower picking and dancing around the pole. Continue to the annual cruising festival, Midsummer Meet, take part in the rockabilly culture and admire beautiful vintage cars. Vote for your favourite and enjoy live music well into the wee hours.

If you happen to be in Överkalix later in the summer, time your visit with Hantverksveckan (eng. the handicraft week). Shop for handmade arts and crafts, and try some of the classes offered. Perhaps you want to learn to knit? Or stack the perfect tar pile? The week is filled with inspiration, beautiful handicraft and welcoming locals. Visit the authentic Brännvalls cafe in the center of Överkalix, with original furnishings from the 1950s, where you also can take the opportunity to practice the Överkalix dialect. The rich dialect sounds like its own language! To quote the famous linguist Fredrik Lindström:

“For a linguist this is much like an astronomer who travel into space or at least get to look in the Hubble space telescope”.

Have you ever experienced the charm of a floating sauna? River Rafter takes you along the river with a guarantee of delicious food, hot sauna, and stunning views. Glide smoothly downstream on the sauna raft and enjoy the wonderful nature around you. Try the hot sauna while your private chef cooks the dinner, which you can enjoy outdoors if the weather allows. A tranquil and intimate activity suitable for smaller groups, friends and families.

Jockfall Tourist and Conference is a scenic location on the bank of Kalix River outside Överkalix. View the gushing waterfall with its 9 meter drop and the strong torrent in the rapid below. Watch the large combative salmon as they make their way up the salmon ladder. If you lust for more activity, there are great hiking tracks and possibilities to book a small game hunting trip or fishing tour. But the best of it all is the salmon delicacy ”Jockfallare”, which the facility’s restaurant serves. Pair it with the sound of the waterfall by eating on the patio for the ultimate experience.

For the animal lovers, a trip to The Arctic Moose Farm is highly recommended. This is the world’s biggest moose farm and the team behind it works to connect nature’s mystique with our modern society by gaining access to the King of the Forest — the moose, and everything is done with respect to the wild animal and nature. Here you learn more about the moose as an animal, how to treat the wildlife with respect and of course you get to meet a moose. You can feed and pet them — and with some luck you get a kiss!

Överkalix – where your vacation will be just as amazing as you imagine!

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