Arctic wellness is all about connecting with nature. The local Torne Valley sauna tradition has a holistic approach, working both as a way to get clean and as a rejuvenating ritual. Try forest bathing, earthing, or take a cold bath. Meditate by a waterfall or slide into a hot tub. You have plenty of options for a wellness experience in Heart of Lapland. The choice is yours.

The sauna

Some say that when you build a house in Torne Valley, you build the sauna first. The sauna is more than a hot room or building – it is a cultural ritual and tradition. This is where women gave birth back in the day, where the dead were prepared for burial before we had funeral homes, and where many important decisions still are made. It is healthy for your heart, your skin, and your mind – there is something about the sauna that grounds you. Steamy, smoky, wood-fired, electric – there are plenty of different saunas to try. Almost every accommodation provider offers a sauna in some form

Welcome to the land of the sauna at Kukkolaforsen

Immerse yourself in the Torne Valley culture where the sauna is a prominent tradition. Kukkolaforsen offers everything from the classic wood-fired sauna to the more rustic smoke-sauna. With no less than 13 saunas, it’s no wonder that even the Swedish Sauna Academy has its home here.

The easternmost spa resort in Sweden

Relax in the world’s largest sauna and encounter ancient traditions in a modern form at the award-winning spa, which has a wide range of experiences for maximum harmony and refreshment. At Cape East, you can let yourself be carried away by the fresh air and the scenic setting of the midnight sun, the northern lights, and the energizing view of Torne River flowing by at the easternmost point in Sweden. The spa at Cape East is open for both hotel guests and day visitors. A perfect getaway with friends, family, or as a couple.

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Sauna with a view

Do you want vast views with your sauna session? Lapland View Lodge sits at the mountain Luppio, overlooking the pine forest, Torne River, and our neighboring country Finland. Step into the sauna that has a panorama window and partly hangs off the mountainside. Here you can relax by the fireplace in the spa lounge, which is integrated into the rocky mountain. Two outdoor jacuzzis are sitting on the balcony, allowing you to enjoy the midnight sun in summer and dark skies during fall and winter, with a chance to see the northern lights.

5 places where you can relax in a hot tub

Forest bathing

Time spent immersed in nature is good for us. Forest bathing is a form of ecotherapy where you are taking in the forest atmosphere. It emerged in Japan back in the 1980s where it is called shinrin-yoku. Forest bathing does not require any skills and suits everyone. It can be as simple as walking in the forest, consciously connecting with what’s around you.

Cold water swimming

Taking a cold bath or swim in a natural body of water is not only trendy, it also does wonders for your health. Stepping down into a hole in the ice or a chilly lake can feel daunting, but just dipping your body and breathing for a few seconds is enough. Cold water swimming boosts both your body and mind – it is also a form of earthing, which you can read more about below. Try cold water swimming yourself at Nordic Lapland Resort or enjoy a refreshing plunge in the archipelago with Cold Adventures.


Walk barefoot in the grass, dirt, sand, on stones, or through natural water sources. You can sit or lie down on the grass, in the sand or take a dip in a lake, river, or sea. Put your hands in the soil while working in the garden. This is called earthing. Research shows that earthing has amazing health benefits. Just after a few seconds, you get more relaxed as stress levels decrease rapidly. Earthing will also improve your sleep, reduce pain, and calms the nervous system. Here in Heart of Lapland where you are surrounded by nature, you have plenty of opportunities to try earthing. Just step outside.

Places to feel zen

Practice mindfulness in the presence of water. We highly recommend meditating by a waterfall. Heart of Lapland has two beautiful waterfalls where you can feel zen.

Please note! Remember to be careful and keep away from slippery rocks.


Translating to the wedding veil, this waterfall is mesmerizing. During spring and early summer, the waterfall is more powerful thanks to the melting snow from the mountains. From the middle of the summer until fall, the waterfall’s characteristics changes and looks like a wavy veil.

Lat. 66.805701
Long. 22.73534
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This is the largest waterfall in Norrbotten county with a height of 16 meters. Experience the natural force crash through the landscape. There are several viewing points as well as a suspension bridge across the waterfall to visit.

Coordinates to the north side (Linafallet Lodge and viewing platform)
Lat 66.811995
Long 22.154717

Coordinates to the south side
Lat. 66.809756
Long. 22.163138
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