Membership in Heart of Lapland Economic Association

Heart of Lapland is the local destination company that works to develop and market the tourism industry in Haparanda, Kalix, Pajala, Överkalix, and Övertorneå. Heart of Lapland Economic Association is owned by its members and is part of the Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, the regional business-led collaboration platform for the tourism industry in northernmost part of Sweden. The organisation is financed by the five municipalities, Sparbanken Nord – Framtidsbanken, the Längmanska Business Fund, as well as by the EU's regional structural funds and the association's members.

As a member of Heart of Lapland, you contribute to the development of the destination. Heart of Lapland works partly with image marketing of our part of the world, but also with product and market development together with companies as well as with our long-term relationships with international tour operators and travel agents. For example, we arrange both FAM-trips and press trips to our destination, both independently and together with other destinations within Swedish Lapland.

Members pay an annual membership fee of 500 SEK (no VAT is added to the membership fee) and an annual service fee. There are two service levels: Member or Supporting Member. See below what is included in the different levels and which service fee is associated with each level. The annual general meeting determines the annual membership and service fees.

Become a member

To become a member of the economic association, you apply for membership on the designated form. The board of Heart of Lapland Economic Association decides on membership. The application is sent by email to

When joining the association, a membership fee of 500 SEK is paid.

In the first year as a member, one thus pays 500 SEK (membership stake) + 500 SEK (membership fee) + 6000 SEK or 2000 SEK excluding VAT (service fee).

Commitments as a member

As a member, you also commit to providing statistical information about the company and its operations upon request, e.g., the company's turnover, number of employees, and number of guest nights.

Destination work often requires quick decisions and, above all, correct and updated information. As a member, it is important to proactively inform and notify Heart of Lapland about new or updated products.

Termination of membership

A request to withdraw as a member must be made in writing to the Heart of Lapland board. A member who violates the bylaws may be expelled by the board if the member does not comply with a written warning from the board.

Service levels


This level suits most companies and here you get the most value for your money.

Included in the service fee and membership:

  • Information about the company and products on
  • Participation in thematic marketing campaigns
  • Priority for familiarization trips (tour operators, agents, and incoming companies)
  • Priority for press trips (e.g., journalists, writers, film, photo, and content creators)
  • Access to the Heart of Lapland membership register
  • Access and right to use parts of the Heart of Lapland image and video bank
  • Register of writers/photographers/filmmakers that we recommend
  • Consultation on product, business, and market development, and communication.
  • Access to purchase additional packages for, for example, extra consultation
  • Newsletter from Heart of Lapland
  • Discounts with Heart of Lapland's partners. Current list will be available at

Service fee: 6000 SEK per year excluding VAT.

Supporting member

This level often suits associations or, for example, freelance guides, photographers, or other actors and companies who want to support the destination’s work. You pay a lower cost and therefore get a little less. You can apply for regular membership at any time if the need arises.

Included in the service fee and membership:

  • Information about your business on
  • Newsletter from Heart of Lapland
  • Consultation before upgrading to the Member service level

Service fee: 2000 SEK per year excluding VAT.
If you upgrade your membership during the year, you pay the price difference, i.e., an additional 4000 SEK excluding VAT.

Additional packages

Heart of Lapland can continuously offer members various “Additional Packages” with content and services beyond what is included in the service fee. Additional packages should be clearly defined and provide clear member benefits in further steps. The packages are priced according to content. Additional packages cannot be offered to supporting members. Examples of additional packages may include extra consultation, company, cluster, or micro-destination-specific marketing campaigns together with Heart of Lapland, in the long run digital distribution and bookability of company products through Heart of Lapland's channels (e.g., website), etc.