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Forty meters deep inside the mountain Hömyrberg hides a top-secret underground fortress. Siknäsfortet is the last preserved underground fortress in the military defense-zone Kalixlinjen. It was built for protection during the Cold War and was in use 1950–1990 and housed 322 men at most. Today, the fortress is a military museum and experience hotel, authentically preserved and run by a couple of passionate souls. Siknäsfortet is situated inside the bedrock of a mountain that overlooks the village of Töre and the bay where you’ll find the northernmost deep-water harbour.

Guided tours about Siknäsfortet, the Swedish military and the history of the area are held daily during the summer months. An overnight stay underground, two stories down inside the mountain is suitable for the more adventurous traveller looking for a unique experience. The authentic squad room with steel-framed bunk beds, the intimate canteen and the military surplus shop housed inside the old infirmary create a perfect setting for an unforgettable stay.

Only group bookings, minimum 6 people.

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Siknäs 35,
952 44 Töre

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