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Private salmon fishing at Kengis Bruk

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Private salmon fishing at Kengis Bruk

Kengis Bruk has to be one of the finest fly-fishing areas in the Torne River. The stretch consists of three zones, of which Zone 1 is located above the mighty Kengisforsen and the other zones are located beneath it. The total fishing stretch is about 2 kilometers long on the west side. The stretch has eight pools / hot spots along the entire stretch, all suitable for fly-fishing. Kengis Bruk has their own Ghillie, who’ll make sure that the clients are informed upon arrival about the current river status, morning meetings everyday with the latest updates and available by the river side.

The biggest fly-caught salmon from the beat: 128 cm and 43 lbs (2015). But every year +30 lbs. are being landed.
The Kengis Bruk Lodge has been restored and now offers everything a salmon angler might need.

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