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Norrbottens Destilleri

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Norrbottens Destilleri

Norrbotten’s Destilleri is the northernmost distillery in Sweden. Their mission is to distill world-class gin that get its character from the botanicals found in the landscapes along the Kalix River, on its journey from the springs in the Kebnekaise mountains to the Baltic sea mouth.

True to the slogan “A fusion of extremes”, each recipe always include a key botanical from a different part of the world. A unique combination of near and far. Norrbotten’s Destilleri is a multi award-winning craft distillery that captures the taste of
Swedish Arctic nature, with wild organic botanicals. Visit the showroom to learn more about the distilling process, taste the gin and immerse yourself in a multi-course food experience.


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Norrbottens Destilleri

Kyrkvägen 1E, 952 43 Töre

+46(0) 923 30 10 70



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