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Ice and Light Village

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Ice and Light Village

Ice & Light Village represents a design accommodation concept shaped and invented with design ideas and functions adapted to the Arctic environment and thus giving possibilities for you to stay comfortable whatever the temperatures and weather throws at you.

The igloo shaped shell with a warm and cozy room inside gives you a unique semi outside environment that enriches your stay in close contact with the elements outside the Igloo. Come snow, come vind, come cold, no matter outside conditions for the day you can experience and enjoy your stay perfectly safe and as close the elements as possible. Frontside half and top of the Igloo is made of glass from bottom and up, which creates great opportunities for experiencing the nature and different light conditions in the Arctic.

Contact information

Book online: www.ice-and-light.com
Phone: +46 (0) 72 53 00 583
Address: Nyborgsvägen 195, 952 51 Kalix