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Fishing adventure in Kukkolaforsen

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Fishing adventure in Kukkolaforsen

Experience an exciting fishing in beautiful Kukkolaforsen, the salmon’s first stop on its way up the river. Here you have good opportunities to snatch salmon and to experiencing a salmon fight to remember. It is not uncommon with salmon of 10 kilos or more. In Kukkolaforsen you can apply both spinning and fly-fishing.

It is impossible to talk about the history of Torne Valley and Kukkola without mentioning fishing. Here you find classic, tarred rapid boats and unique local catching methods. Visit the fishing museum in Kukkolaforsen and learn more about the fishing culture of the Torne River.

Book Kukkolaforsen’s week long package, Monday–Sunday, and enjoy fishing in the Torne River. You stay comfortably in the cabin with kitchen, shower and toilet next to the streaming river. The package can be upgraded to full-board. Fishing licenses for all days are included. Kukkolaforsen is also the base of Bastuakademien and offers a wide range of saunas, from old traditional smoke saunas to Native American sweat lodges.

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