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Sweet dreams are made of cheese from Kalix Ost

Kalix Ost

After only four years in the business, Kalix Ost has won the bronze medal in The Swedish Championship of artisan food, in 2016. In 2018, Kalix Ost was selected green entrepreneur of the year in Norrbotten county.  One thing is certain, there is no lack of innovation, production development or craft at this wonderful farm in Bondersbyn, just by the Kalix river. In addition to their award-winning goat cheese products, owners Knut and Jaana also produce regular cheese made with milk from the neighbour’s cows.

Why not try the famous, award-winning grill steak cheese, the white capri or the new dulce de leche made with goat milk? The shop has a café with homemade pastries. Besides in Bondersbyn, Kalix Ost products can be found at several markets and retailers. You can also purchase leather from Knut and Jaana´s famous goats.

It´s possible to order products and have them delivered with the local bus service, Bussgods, for those not fortunate enough to visit the farm in Bondersbyn. But nothing beats experiencing the beauty of Knut and Jaana´s farm and its surroundings, the smell of home made pastries and the taste of your favourite goat cheese.

Visit the farm and the goats, learn about producing cheese or enjoy a cheese tasting. Contact Kalix Ost with requests.

Word to the wise:

Check out the collaboration with Arctic Treats and the tasty goat cheese pralines. Contact Knut and Jaana for visits, cheese tastings and other requests.

Keep an eye out for markets with Kalix Ost products. For events and news, check Facebook.