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Swedish Fika

Swedish fika

Fika is an everyday tradition in Sweden. It’s more than just a coffee break, it is about slowing down — a social phenomenon and a reason to set aside quality time. The Arctic lifestyle is also about that quality time, enjoying the moment and embracing slow travel.

A lot of us got a sweet tooth and Swedish Fika usually consist of coffee and some kind of pastry. The wonderful independent cafés in our area often offer homemade baked goods, filled with berries handpicked by the owners themselves. Some places also offer the odd product coffee cheese, a mild flavoured cheese that you put in your hot coffee and let it melt a little before you fish it up with your spoon and eat it. But beware — it squeaks when bitten! Here are some of our finest cafés in the area for a Swedish Fika, and a moment of contemplation.

Brännvalls Café
Storgatan 20,
+46 (0)926-107 16

Hietalas Handelsträdgård

(Only summertime)
Korva 74, Övertorneå
+46 (0)70-325 01 75


Tornedal & CO.

Torggatan 46, Haparanda
+46 (0)70-207 86 53

Café Myggan
Köpmannagatan 6,
+46 (0)923-155 55

Hedenäset Stencafé
Björkebyvägen 6, Hedenäset
+46 (0)927-122 85

Lyktan Bokcafé
Köpmannagatan 19,
+46 (0)923-121 52

Konditori Jo-La
Storgatan 73, Haparanda
+46 (0)922-298 90

Café Älvbodan

Tornedalsvägen 2,
+46(0)70-294 45 46