Heart of Lapland is the local destination company that seeks to develop and market the tourism industry in Haparanda, Kalix, Pajala, Överkalix and Övertorneå.

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Hulkoffgården. Photo: Lotta Hulkoff


A White Guide Restaurant along the Torne River? Yes, it´s true!

Tender loving care is the main ingredient at Hulkoffgården. This restaurant´s cuisine is based on local raw ingredients, and a menu variating from day to day, with nature´s latest offerings. It simply cannot get fresher than this! Ecologically raised cattle, vegetables grown in the backyard and fish from the river nearby, make for perfect ingredients. Hulkoffgården also has a well-stocked wine list. If you´re interested – don´t miss their wine tasting, focusing on Italian wine with sides.

The homey atmosphere, combined with the exclusive feeling one experiences as a visitor, is what makes Hulkoffgården a gem to visit. Stunning surroundings, relaxing vibe and of course delish cooking with extra flavour.

Lodging is available throughout the year. For events or special occasions, contact Kurt or Pia for requests.

Word to the wise:
Be on the lookout for seasonal promotions and special offers.

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