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Visit Sweden’s northernmost archipelago

Did you know that Kalix and Haparanda archipelago together have 1440 islands and over 440 kilometres of coastline? In other words, plenty of places to discover if you’re up for life at sea, sandy beaches, magnificent food experiences and days where the sun never sets.

Most of Haparanda archipelago is a national park with a rich bird life and magnificent scenery. One tip is to take the tour boat over to Sandskär or if you prefer to go by car – cross the bridge to the island of Seskarö. These are only two of the archipelago’s many gems.

Kalix river meets the sea in the centre of Kalix – it’s such a lovely feeling to stop for a moment and imagine this place during the timber industrial era, when logs from the entire river stretch gathered right here, at the mouth of the sea. This is a place where freshwater meet brackish water, creating a unique terroir which gives Kalix bleak roe its very own characteristic.

Not only does the surroundings of the archipelago feel almost magical, it’s something special about the fresh air and the waters. It creates a great feeling of wellbeing. This region is also one of the areas in Sweden most prone to sunshine, which makes the experience even more enticing.


Besök Sveriges nordligaste skärgård

Visste du att Kalix och Haparanda skärgård tillsammans har 1440 öar och över 440 kilometer kustlinje? Med andra ord, här finns många platser att upptäcka om du är ute efter liv till sjöss, sandstränder, matupplevelser och dagar där solen aldrig går ner.

Det mesta av Haparandas skärgård är en nationalpark med ett rikt fågelliv och magnifika landskap. Ett tips är att ta turbåten över till Sandskär eller om du föredrar att köra bil – korsa bron till Seskarö. Detta är bara två av skärgårdens många ädelstenar.

Kalixälven möter havet i centrum av Kalix – det är en härlig känsla att stanna ett ögonblick och föreställa sig denna plats under timmerindustrins era, när stockar från hela älvsträckan samlades precis här, vid havets mynning. 

Inte bara känns skärgårdens omgivningar magiska, det är något speciellt med den friska luften och vattnet som skapar en känsla av välbefinnande. 

Stay in the archipelago

Relax and feel the tranquility on a remote island, the ultimate place to spend your summer vacation. Fall asleep to the sound of waves rolling towards the shoreline or (if you can!) stay awake all night and experience the midnight sun. Transfer by boat is available.

Riverside accommodation

With the proximity to two national rivers and the long coastline in the area, it is possible to spend the night close to the sea even if you choose to stay on land.

Discover some of the islands in the archipelago

With 1440 islands in the archipelago of Kalix and Haparanda, there’s a lot to discover. Here are some of them who need’s to be ticked off the bucket list when visiting Haparanda and Kalix archipelago. Stay the night or make a day tour by boat.


Seskarö is the largest and only island in Haparanda archipelago with year-round living and land connection by bridge. Much of the older buildings are preserved and give a picturesque impression. About a mile off Seskarö is the island of Seskar-Furö, which with its kilometer-long sandy beach is known as the “Robinson-Island” where the popular TV-show Expedition Robinson was filmed and airs in 2021.

Haparanda Sandskär

Sandskär is the largest island in Haparanda Archipelago. The island is covered with kilometres of sandy beaches, 20 metres high dunes with a uni- que flora and fauna. Through the years, over 100,000 birds have been marked in Haparanda Sandskär and is somewhat of a dream place for bird watchers. Read this information before your visit to the Haparanda Archipelago National Park.


Malören is a barren but beautiful island far out at sea in the outher archipelago of Kalix – a holiday paradise for those who seek calmness and tranquility. It is a unique and beautiful island which is about three kilometers long and shaped like a horseshoe. Big parts of the island are covered in fine, round stones, but you can also experience sandy beaches and different vegetation.

Getskär / Renskär

On the southeast corner of the island there is a small fishing village dating back to the 1700’s. Renskär was an important centre for fishermen and seal hunters from early on. Foundations of latter fishing cottages and stone cairns where the nets were dried testify about life out here by the sea.


Looking for more information?

Visit Bottenvikens skärgård, bottenviken.se or download the Guide to 50 gems in the Gulf of Bothnia in English or Swedish 

Things to see and do while you’re here

Travelling here without a boat?

Not to worry, you don’t need your own boat to explore the archipelago. Book a tour with some of the tour guides who were born and raised by the sea and who knows the water conditions like the back of their hand.

M/S Laponia offers cruises in the Bay of Bothnia.
> www.laponia.se

Experience Baskeri Archipelago Enjoy boat rides, fishing and unique experiences in the archipelago of Kalix. In addition, they offer a boat taxi service.

Go to Haparanda Sandskär with Innala archipelago tours

Malören Lodge offers day tours and transfer to the island of Malören.

Taste of Swedish Lapland. Photo: Linnéa Isaksson
Taste of Swedish Lapland. Photo: Linnéa Isaksson

Enjoy the taste of our local cuisine

Long days in the sun full of activities or unpretentious moments of total relaxation – regardless, you deserve to enjoy a good meal. We welcome you to try out the gastronomic delights we are all so very proud of when you come here for vacation.

Fish is a local delicacy and a culinary treat. Salmon, grayling, whitefish and roe swimming in our clear waters decorate the gourmet menus. Kalix bleak roe (Kalix löjrom) is an exclusive local treasure not to be missed!

Traditional dishes are reindeer, moose, grouse and capercaillie served with freshly picked berries. Cranberries, blueberries, cloudberries and Arctic raspberries are combined with main dishes, in desserts, in drinks or enjoyed just as they are.

Let us suggest some of the restaurants you must try when you are here.

Haparanda stadshotell

Torget 7, 953 31 Haparanda
+46 (0)922-614 90


Kukkolaforsen 184, 953 91 Haparanda
+46 (0)922-310 00


Korpikylä 197, Karungi
+46 (0)922-320 15

Cape East

Sundholmen 1, 953 33 Haparanda
+46 922 – 800 790

Seskarö Wärdshus

Industrivägen 1, Seskarö
+46 (0)922-202 44

Jara kitchen and bar

Strandgatan 21, Kalix
+46 (0)923-159 00


Frevisören, Båtskärsnäs
+46 (0)923-67 03 50

Lottas matstudio

Instagram: @lottaostromsmat

Arvids matstudio

+46 70-684 45 45

Hotell Gamla staden

Köpmannagatan 4, Kalix
+46 (0)923-752 00